TELUS Roaming

Take control of your international roaming charges with TELUS Easy Roam®. Easy Roam gives you access to your monthly plan in the US and over 190 international destinations, so you can stay connected whenever you travel.

Easy Roam ®

Easy Roam gives you access to data from your monthly plan, plus unlimited talk and text for $8/day in the US and $12/day in over 190 international destinations. You only pay for the days you choose to use your phone.
  • Do it yourself - Easy Roam can only be added using self-serve. Either log in to My TELUS, text ROAM to 7626, or chat with TELUS Assist at
  • Only pay for the days you roam - Easy Roam will only activate if you use data, send a text, make or answer a call while travelling. If you don’t want to use Easy Roam, avoid those actions and ensure data roaming is turned off.
  • Avoid surprises on your bill - For each bill cycle you won’t pay more than $120 per month in the US and $180 in international destinations, making it ideal for longer trips. Plus, you’ll receive data notifications to add more data and avoid overages just like when you’re at home.
Only making a few calls or texts while you’re away? Pay-per-use is an option, but charges can add up quickly so we recommend Easy Roam to avoid any surprises on your bill.

Pay-per-use rates for USA

  • Data: $5.00 per MB
  • Calls: $1.60 per minute
  • Text: $0.75 per text
See the following for International Pay-per-use rates
Terms and Conditions
  • Rates are subject to change.
  • Voicemail notification may not be available in all travel destinations.
  • International Travel charges may take up to 90 days to appear on your bill depending on the destination you travel to.
  • US data is charged by the MB and is prorated to the closest KB. International Data is charged by the MB and is prorated to the closest 20KB.