Nanotips Taps Touchscreen Compatible Sticker - 4pk


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Now you can use your touchscreen device with any type of glove thanks to TAPS touchscreen compatible sticky patches. Using a special blend of Nanotips liquid solution and polyurethane, TAPS can be applied to any material therefore transforming it into a touch sensitive surface. The flexible, stretchable, tear resistant patches can be used on leather, fabric, Kevlar, neoprene and Gore-Tex gloves, with the 3M backing ensuring a secure stick that will survive all weather conditions. In addition to this, the surface of the TAPS patches works with your smartphones biometric scanner, so you can set up your glove as if it were your actual finger.

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Defining Features •Stick on 3M patches •Nano-filament surface for touchscreen compatibility •Easy to install. Peel, Stick, Go •Works on all glove materials •Durable, weatherproof patches •Touch ID/biometric scanner enabled •Removable so no damage to gloves •Hydrophobic surface