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Now you can use your touchscreen device with all of your gloves thanks to Nanotips – the world’s first liquid solution that can make any glove touchscreen compatible.

Nanotips Blue can be used on any cashmere, cotton, knit, wool or fabric gloves and lasts up to 30 days with 15+ applications per bottle. The way Nanotips Blue works is when it’s applied to fabrics, it soaks into the material and creates a conductive chain, bridging the gap between your finger and your touchscreen device.

The proprietary formula dries to a 90% transparency giving your gloves an untouched look.

1.Shake – Gently Shake the bottle to evenly distribute the nano-particles.

2.Apply – While wearing your gloves, pour 2-3 drops onto your gloves or pour 2-3 drops of Nanotips onto a flat surface and dip (ensure that the liquid fully soaks through the glove). Then pinch your applied fingers together and rub the liquid into the glove to ensure maximum responsiveness.

3.Heat or Air Dry – For quick drying, use a hairdryer for 2-3 minutes. If you don’t have a hairdryer you can also let it air-dry overnight.

4.Ready to Use – Your gloves are now touchscreen compatible and will work with all your favourite devices!

Weight 1.48 ounces
Defining Features •Transform your gloves into touchscreen ones •Works on cashmere, cotton, knit, fabrics and wool •Safe for all screens including smartphones, tablets and smartwatches •Waterproof design withstands most extreme conditions •15+ applications per bottle and lasts up to 30 days •Proprietary formula dries to a 90% transparency •Simple to use just shake, apply, dry and use!
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