Tile Mate, Slim & Sticker (2020) Essentials 4-Pack Bluetooth Tracker


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Have finding your daily essentials covered with the Tile Mate, Tile Slim and Sticker Bluetooth Trackers Essentials 4-Pack – featuring one for your keys and one slim enough to fit in your wallet and another small enough for your remote or bike seat.


The Tile Mate uses a replaceable coin-cell (CR1632) battery that runs for a year with no upkeep, then you can easily replace the battery yourself. However, the Tile Slim features a non-replaceable battery, so after a year you’re eligible to replace or exchange it with Tile at a discount. And the Tile Stickers are small and waterproof with an adhesive back and 3-year battery life, the Sticker is ideal for busy individuals and families.





Quickly Find Anything

Stick Tile onto anything – your keys, wallet, backpack, purses, suitcases, cameras or even your remote control and find it using the Tile app (available for iOS or Android). Simply click “find” on the Tile app and Tile will ring if it’s nearby or you can check the map for its last known location. Even use the Tile Community to help you find your lost items by selecting “Notify When Found” and if anyone from the Tile Community passes by your missing item, you’ll automatically be notified of its most recent location. This feature works 100% anonymously and automatically protects your privacy.


Use Tile to Find Your Phone

Phones are easy to misplace. Tile makes them easy to find. Just press your Tile twice to make your phone ring even when it's on silent. You can even log into our website to find it on a map or make it ring.


Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0 devices, Apple devices running iOS 10 & up and Android devices equipped with Android 6.0 or newer.


*If you are running iOS 9 or older and Android 5.0 or older, the latest version of our app that you will be able to download is 2.27.

Weight 2.29 ounces
Additional Features •Bluetooth Tracker Essemntials pack, Tile Mate (x1) and Tile Slim (x1) Tile Sticker (x2) •Have one tile for your keychain and one for your wallet and a another small and adhesive that can go anywhere •Uses Bluetooth technology with range up to 150ft for Tile Mate and Tile Sticker and 100ft for Tile Slim •Use your smartphone to make Tile ring when its nearby but out of sight •Tile app automatically records the last time and place it saw
Services 12 Months
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Wireless Capability Yes