Hitcase TrueLux Wide Lens for Crio/Shield/Pro Case


Product Price

See the big picture while fitting 2x more in the frame with the Hitcase TrueLUX® Wide Lens, to be used with Hitcase Crio, Shield LINK and Pro cases.

The Hitcase TrueLUX® Wide Lens allows you to fit 2 times more photo into the frame, ideal for landscape, travel or sport iPhone photography and video. With incredible clarity across the entire field of view, the new Wide Lens features 2 element optical grade glass, capturing crisp images with a wider 111° diagonal FOV in photo mode and 83.6° diagonal FOV in video mode. Weighing in at only 8 grams, the super-compact waterproof and shockproof lens fits right in your pocket allowing you to take it literally anywhere.

Compatible with Hitcase Crio, Hitcase Shield Link and Hitcase Pro cases.

Weight 3.17 ounces
Additional Features •2 element glass lens
•No vignetting, edge to edge clarity
•111° diagonal FOV in photo mode
•83.6° diagonal FOV in video mode
•Refined optical design produces the sharpest image in its class
•Very low chromatic aberration
•Completely waterproof, dust-proof, snow-proof with or without a Hitcase
•Two start thread and magnetic LINK™ mounting for ease of use between all Hitcase products
•Anodized aluminum construction
•Anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings on all lens elements
•One year limited product warranty
Package Contents
Included in Box 1 TrueLUX® Wide Lens and 1 lens cap