Koodo Calling, Data & Voicemail

Unlimited Canada-wide Anytime Minutes

$2.00 per month
  • Turn any plan into an unlimited calling plan with the Unlimited Anytime Minutes add-on.
  • Worry less about going over your anytime minutes and paying overage
  • You will no longer be paying local or long distance fees for all calls made in Canada.

Call Forwarding

$3.00 per month
  • Pass the buck – or the call. Call Forwarding lets you redirect your calls to another phone number. Once activated, your phone won't even ring. The call will go directly to the number you indicated – whether you pick it up or not is up to you.

Visual Voicemail

$5.00 per month
  • With Visual Voicemail, you don’t have to call into your mailbox to retrieve or delete messages. Voicemails get pushed to your phone. You can choose which messages to listen to - without hearing voicemail instructions and earlier messages!
Restrictions: Only available on iPhone 4 and newer, and select Android Devices. See our help article for the list of Android Devices.

Unlimited Incoming Calls

$10.00 per month
  • With unlimited incoming calls, the incoming minutes you use don’t count towards your monthly limit.
  • If you’re on a Canada-wide plan, you’ll never pay long distance charges for domestic calls no matter where you are in Canada!