Leef iBridge IOS Mobile Memory


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With the innovative Leef iBridge 16GB mobile storage solution for iOS devices, you’ll never miss a moment again. The construction of iBridge features a unique J-shape design which is compatible with all protective cases and consists of an Apple Lightning connector on one side and a USB 2.0 on the other. iBridge allows you to easily expand the storage capacity on your iOS devices and quickly transfer files to and from your Mac or PC. Have the freedom to store more photos, videos, music and movies without taking up any space on your device with the Leef iBridge.

Weight 1.9 ounces
Included Card Reader No
Read/Write Switch No
At a Glance
Defining Features
  • Backup your Camera Roll automatically and quickly move files off your phone
  • Watch your entire movie library without taking up additional space on your device
  • Take photos directly to Leef iBRIDGE so you never miss the moment
  • Easily share your latest photos & videos at a party
  • Compatible to use with all protective cases
  • Unique J-shape design sits comfortable within your palm