XQISIT Xqisit USB to USB Type-C Adapter


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The USB-C Adapter allows you to connect standard USB cables to a USB-C enabled device to get faster data transferring speeds. 

USB protocol for phones and for a whole lot of other devices, like tablets and computers, is changing -- for the better. USB-C is the next tidal wave set to hit the charging and data transfer market. It has already been implemented in the newest 12-inch Retina Macbook Air and it is the only port on the computer. As well as the latest Nexus phones. Sooner rather than later it is expected that every new device, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet will use USB-C

• USB-C is reversible
•Data transfer rates up to 10Gbps

Output Connections USB; USB Type-C
Defining Features •USB to USB-C Adapter •To use with standard USB cables
Weight 1.59 ounces
Color Tags Black