ZENS 10W Fast Wireless Charger Stand

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The ZENS 10W Fast Wireless Charger features a timeless, modest design that seamlessly fits in with any decorating style. It’s extremely easy to use.

The underlying inductive technology ensures foolproof charging every time your device is placed on the charger. Your mobile can be freely placed and doesn’t have to be locked into position. A flawless performance is ensured, time and again. This wireless charger was designed with sustainability in mind, standby-power is ultra-low and can be used both as a stand as well as flat wireless charger.

Weight 11.46 ounces
Defining Features •Fast Wireless Charging, 10W •Can be used both as stand as well as flat wireless charger •Ultra-low standby power •Automatic shut-down after your device is fully charged •Qi certified
Color Tags Black