Naztech 18W USB Type-C PD + Adaptive Fast Wall Charger


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Take charging to the next level with the Naztech 18W USB-C Wall Charger, featuring 1 USB-C Power Delivery™ output and 1 Adaptive Fast Charging output.

This travel-friendly dual USB wall charger is engineered to deliver 5 times the power of standard chargers to 2 devices simultaneously. Featuring the latest evolutions in high-speed charging technology, USB-C Power Delivery and Adaptive Fast Charge, this single charger is all you need to power your current devices and stay ahead of the curve for any future electronics. Both ports can deliver up to 18 watts of high-voltage charge to everything from smartphones and tablets to power-hungry USB-C laptops like the 12-inch Macbook. In fact, either port can fast charge the iPhone X/8 and Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes! Blending powerful technology with sleek design, this charger has a soft-touch rubberized finish, travel-friendly foldable prongs, a blue LED power indicator, and illuminated USB ports that make it easy to aim cables in the dark. Power Heavy Lifestyles Need Flash-Charging Power!

What is Power Delivery?
USB-C Power Delivery (PD) is a charging protocol that enables safe, faster charging for a growing range of compatible devices from high-powered laptops, and monitors, to smartphones and tablets. It was created to standardize charging across all future USB devices, reducing the need to have a different charger for each device.

Weight 7.19 ounces
Output Connections USB Type-C
Additional Features •Dual USB output
•18W of high voltage charging power
•Adaptive Fast Charge Technology
•Can charge USB-C laptops
•Travel-friendly foldable prongs
•Soft tough rubberized finish
•Blue LED power indicator
•Illuminated USB ports
•Overcurrent protection, power overload recovery & overcharge protection