Renogy 175W 12V Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel


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The Renogy 175W Flexible Solar Panel delivers on portability at just over 6lb and is the ideal solar panel for anyone spending time off the grid at the cabin, in campers or on the boat.



Meet the Renogy 175W Flexible Solar Panel - the culmination of cutting-edge technology and precision. This ultra-lightweight panel can achieve up to an incredible 248-degree arc of flexibility thanks to advanced solar cell technology and lamination techniques. At 6.2 pounds, this panel weighs 70% less than its standard counterpart and is less than 5% as thick. This makes it easy to transport, install, and affixed to uneven surfaces. It's precisely this kind of adaptability that makes the Renogy 175W Flexible Solar Panel the ideal choice for airstreams, campers, and boats. 

Mounting Recommendation: Modules may be mounted using silicon structural adhesive on the backside of the panel. For detailed installation methods, please consult a local contractor for guidance.

Weight 197.42 ounces
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Additional Features
  • Extremely Flexible: With a flex range of up to 248 degrees, this panel is capable of meeting a wide range of applications where standard panels can be inconvenient to mount, such as on the curved roof of an airstream
  • Ultra Lightweight Thanks to advanced polymer materials, this product weighs 70% less than conventional solar panels, making transportation and installation a
Color Tags Black, Black